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Surge Protector and Generator Installation


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Our Services

- Surge Protector Installation
- Generator Installation
- Low Voltage Lighting
- Pool Inspections
- General Residential Wiring
- TV Installation and Wiring
- Electric Vehicle Charging Station
- Smoke Detector Installation
- Spring Maintenance 
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What our customers have to say about us!

Nate Neely

Google Reviews
"These guys do awesome work. Very straight forward and efficient. They will be getting all my business for electrical needs in the future. Thank you."

Drew Questell

Google Reviews
"Dave and his crew at East Coast Electrical are top-notch! They are our go to for anything electrical when we run into something we can't tackle with my low voltage business. They have completed several projects for us and have all been great. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with!"

Kristin Losquadro Razon

Google Reviews
"As a General Contractor we are always looking to work with exceptional companies, and East Coast Electrical is at the top of our List for all our projects"

East Coast Electric helps customers after Hurricane Mathew

          "East Coast Electrical is awesome! After Hurricane Matthew hit I knew I needed to have back up generator power for my family ready to go at a moments notice! . I actually already had a generator (that I had to spend a lot of time convincing my wife that we needed) but I never had the transfer switch installed to make powering the home easy. Well, when the storm hit I did not even have a full can of gas to try and run extension cords to the generator (ouch). Of course when the power went out my wife gave me that "look" that all husbands dread. Lucky for me the power was only off overnight and I told her I was calling an electrician ASAP to get us squared away. (Once again "the look"). Well I'm proud to say that we now have a transfer switch installed and the guys at East Coast got me back in the good graces of the 1st Lady!!! They even gave me other options to think about for another project I have not managed to finish yet! I highly recommend their services to all customers but mostly to the other husbands out there that can never seem to finish a project!! The guys went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of and satisfied. THANKS EAST COAST!!!!!!!!!!! (The next power outage I'm going to be a ROCK STAR!!)"



Sean Harrison - Satisfied Customer

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